Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How long has Garage-Tastic been in business?

We have been in business since beginning of 2014.

Are you insured?

Yes, General Liability and Worker’s Compensation.

Are your installers subcontracted or employees?

Our installers are employees and a part of our team.

Do you charge for in-home estimates?


Do you have a showroom?

No, we have a warehouse that can accommodate customer visits by appointment.

Do you have a minimum dollar amount to come out and perform installations?


My garage is a mess, do I have to move everything for your team to install?

Moving items 5′ away from the proposed area is requested, but we can help move the very heavy items.

Can I purchase products from you and install on my own?

No. What we sell, we install.

Will you come and remove my storage items and reinstall in a new home?

We have “transplanted” existing storage systems between residences, but most times it’s not cost effective for the homeowner. Plus, the existing storage system is custom installed for the first house and may not work at the new home.

What makes Garage-Tastic different than the other garage enhancement companies?

We are different than other companies because our practical approach to providing storage system solutions in a small-business setting.

Garage Cabinets

What are your garage cabinets made of?

3/4″ and 1″ thick melamine.

Why are the garage cabinets mounted up off the floor?

Mounting cabinets off the floor provides access for future cleaning, reduces the moisture exposure and reduces the options for unwelcome pests.

Do all of your garage cabients have full backs?

The Signature Series Garage Cabinets come with full backs whereas the Classic Series Garage Cabinets do not.

Do you recommend full backs on garage cabinets?

Not necessarily. It depends on what wall construction the cabinets are being installed on and what type of items will be in the cabinets.

Do you provide custom sizes if needed on your garage cabinets?

We do with our Signature Series Garage Cabinets.

Some competitors promote more hinges on thier garage cabinets than you. Why?

I would wish to research the hinge manufacturer others use. When you use a quality hinge product, it can hold more weight. However, we still have 4 hinges on each 8′ tall pantry door.

What about plugs and light switches, do they get covered up by the garage cabinets?

If we both agree on installing a cabinet over an outlet plug or switch, you will still have access to it within the cabinet.

Are your garage cabinets made in North America?


Garage Flooring

How soon can I get back into the garage once the garage floor coating is completed?

24 hours after installation, the floor is cured to be able to withstand FOOT traffic only. An additional 24 hours later the floor is cured for VEHICLE traffic.

Does everything have to be out of the garage during the garage floor coating installation?

Yes. This is a seamless floor and will have variations in the color if it is not completed all at once.

My home is new, do my floors still need to be prepped, as I would like to save some money and not have it prepped?

Yes, we will always prep the concrete by diamond grinding regardless of if it is new concrete. The prepping stage is the most important step in the installation process. It helps the floor coating adhere better to your concrete floors.

One of your competitors told me that it takes up to three days to do a garage floor.

It depends on their installation process and the materials they use. Some products take longer to cure.

Do you cover the side walls with the garage floor coating?

Usually no, but we can accommodate your request for an additional cost.

Does your garage floor coating cover the area outside the garage door where it meets the driveway?

It can, if you desire. However, sometimes it doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing to the eye. We have other options to accommodate finishing that part of the concrete.

What if I drop something and I damage the new garage floor coating?

Email us a picture to explain the situation. The flooring can be repaired, ususally without an issue.

How do you recommend we clean our new floor?

Sweep or use a blower to losen dirt and debris. Water can be used to clear away dirt by using a squeegee to remove the water. For heavily soiled areas, do not use soap because of the slippery residue that is left, but use an environmentally friendly degreaser, such as Simple Green.

Garage Shelving

What is better, wall mounted garage shelving or overhead ceiling racks?

Both options have advantages, but much of it depends on what your garage can offer the design. Wall-mounted shelving have better overall versatility with long-term storage using the shelf and stort-term storage using the hanging option underneath the shelf. The overhead racks have the advantage of a larger platform, utilizing the ceiling, which a shelf cannot be installed on.

What is the weight capacity of your garage shelving?

1,000 lb for every 4 feet.

Do you recommend wired grid shelving or solid surface garage shelving?

We recommend solid surface shelving because it doesn’t limit you on the size of storage.

Will wall shelving interfere with our vehicles?

We can determine together the best course of action when it comes to installation to avoid any interference between storage and your vehicle.

What if I need more hooks to hang items from the Monkey Bars System?

Simply contact us with any requests.

Overhead Ceiling Racks

How are the overhead ceiling racks secured to the ceiling?

They are installed into the wooden roof trusses.

How many connections are there to the ceiling per ceiling rack?

Typically, there are two fasteners per down rod, or 8 fasteners.

How many joists is the overhead ceiling rack mounted on?


How low can the overhead ceiling racks come down fromthe ceiling?

They usually hang approximately 42″ from the ceiling.

Do your overhead rack platforms have a safety lip?

Yes, a 2″ safety lip around the perimeter.

Can your overhead ceiling racks be mounted to walls?

Yes, there is an option to mount one side to the wall. This increases the load capacity.

If I want my overhead ceiling racks over my garage door, how much clearance do I need?

A minimum of 24″ is needed to install an overhead rack.

Will the overhead racks bow in the middle with weight?

The capacity of the overhead rack is weight distributed, so it will not bow in the middle.

How large can you make a single overhead storage rack?

There is no limitation in size with the design, however the largest overhead rack we have made is 4′ x 12.’

What if the ceiling joists are engineered joists?

As long as they are made of wood and 24″ apart on center, we can install the overhead racks to the ceiling.

PVC Slatwall

Is your slat wall similar to what retail stores use for displays?

No, the retail stores have slatwall made of melamine. This material limits capacity in the slatwall design. Ours are made of PVC.

Does slat wall protect my garage walls?

By covereing the walls with PVC, the walls will be protected.

Does the slat wall cover plugs, switches, electrical panels, etc.?

No, the plugs, switches, and electrical panels will have a space cut out for them.

Do you stock all slat wall colors?

No, only the color that would be requested on a sold job.

How is the slat wall mounted to the wall?

The slat wall is installed into the studs with the appropriate fasteners.